Some Testimonials from my Clients:.

"I primarily see Wendy Yager for one of two reasons; I am recovering from an injury, or I am simply going in for a "maintenance appointment". In terms of injury recovery, I find that Wendy's knowledge of anatomy and physiology is a huge benefit. Not only is she able to relieve my discomfort, but she spends time explaining her technique and how it relates to my injury.
My maintenance appointments are becoming more and more important as I get older and continue to maintain my activity level. There is no reason that I cannot hike, ride or ski just as hard as ever as long as I take care of myself. Wendy's treatments help to keep me on track physically and mentally, and she is often able to proactively keep me injury free. I am always surprised at what Wendy finds when I am certain that I feel fine! What Wendy does for me makes a huge difference to my overall health and happiness."


"After months of physical therapy for sciatica and finding little relief, Wendy wasted no time in focusing not only right on target, but also other muscle groups connected to that one. I cried with relief that someone finally touched and relieved that pain. A few years later my horse spooked upon seeing a moose and I landed smack on my coccyx. I was back in the saddle after some terrific healing from Wendy. Life had more curve balls to pitch my way. Following a serious motor vehicle accident and a broken neck, Wendy helped me again. Not only physically, but spiritually. She's a grounded wise woman a good friend. The intuitive care she continues to deliver is a gift."

-NS Tamworth, NH