Why Muscular Therapy?

Well, because what I do is different than massage. The focus of my practice since graduating from The Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA in 1997 has been on chronic & acute pain relief. Muscular and tendonous dysfunction are eased through manual therapy. After a treatment people often experience a feeling of having more energy. Think about it, managing pain zaps energy levels; having that pain "erased" frees up your energy for other things! Athletes, older people and pain sufferers are a few examples of the people who experience the benefits of enhanced wellness after a treatment.

Athletes who are serious about improving or maintaining their competitive edge are a large portion of my clientele. These are the Valley residents who are passionate about skiing, running, biking, etc and who want to continue engaging with their sport at a high level. Massage and muscular therapy can help them prevent or recover from injury faster as well as train harder. I have worked with people who are training for their first 5K all the way up to Ironmen.

Another group that benefits from Muscular Therapy are aging people. In many ways they are like the athletes who come for treatments. They come for pain relief and recovery from injury, post surgical recovery and increased mobility and flexibility. All of this enhances their quality of life.

This is not to say that you won't feel relaxed after a session, you will! However you will not be getting the same old formulaic massage. My experience as an X-ray Technologist gives me superior knowledge of anatomy and physiology. In addition I am continually up to date on the newest treatments in conventional medicine and how they may impact your therapeutic treatment. You will receive a treatment that is highly customized to your needs. You will feel more relaxed, grounded and at ease after a Muscular Therapy treatment.